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New material floor keel, you will not be unfamiliar

The new material floor keel is actually made of aluminum alloy. The keel produced by this material has strong quality, corrosion resistance and long service life. It is currently the preferred material for keel and has been widely used.

Many people are not unfamiliar with the floor. As an essential building material for home decoration, many families will consider using this material to lay the ground when decorating.

At present, before laying the floor, the builder will recommend laying the floor keel to isolate the floor from the ground, effectively waterproof and dampproof, and this is the purpose of the keel, which plays an overhead role.

At present, the new material of aluminum alloy is generally adopted. In addition to laying the floor, it also plays a big role in the laying of the floor.

The floor is a common Japanese room furniture in Japanese room decoration, often used with tatami. The floor is basically provided with a floor box, which is convenient for storing items and can be used as a bed. It is a commonly used decoration furniture for small apartment.

We know that today's home decoration likes diversification and pursuit of personalization. How can two distinct styles be established in the interior space. In this case, many young people will consider using the floor way to partition and put The areas are separated.

The first role of the platform is to distinguish the space. In the space where the living room and dining room are integrated, if a floor is built, the living room and dining room can be divided in size, height, and form. In a floor-to-ceiling living room without a balcony, if you make a floor, you can rest on the floor and dry clothes to create a casual corner, which is clearly distinguished from the style of the living room.

The main frame of this platform is to use the keel to build the main frame, which is very practical.

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