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Do you know the floor keel of other materials

The floor keel is used as a supporting frame between the floor and the ground. At present, it is generally used in building houses or other times as the floor base. The material of this support frame is generally a wooden bar. The keel made of this material is known as the ground keel.

However, with the development of the times, people's requirements have increased,Floor keel of other materialsIt began to appear, such as aluminum alloy keel. Compared with wood keel, the keel of this material is stronger, not easy to be corroded, and can be reused. It is consistent with the concept of sustainable development and is a product of the new era.

Why should we install keel under the floor? What is the general purpose of this keel? The reason why you need to install the keel under the floor is because the floor is directly in contact with the ground, it is easy to get wet, and the humid environment makes the floor difficult to use for a long time. This greatly reduces the practicality of the floor, so the floor The keel was erected below to isolate the floor and play a role in preventing moisture.

When installing the keel, you will find some of its excellent performance. After this dragon skeleton is designed, it can maintain the level of the entire floor laying. At the same time, the previous floor installation was laid with cement, the process is more cumbersome, and now the earth dragon skeleton is used. The laying of this kind of floor is more convenient, and because the floor is lifted, the feet feel comfortable.

With the development of the times, we gradually began to discover that some of the traditional production methods and their shortcomings are very terrible, but the times are developing and science and technology are improving, so we began to explore what is better and more It is suitable for use to meet the development of the times and play a greater role.