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Special tools for floor keel installation

Special tools for floor keel installation

Product Details

If you want to findQuzhou aluminum alloy floor keelProduction and installation manufacturers, you can contact us. We are the manufacturer of Quzhou floor keel. As a company producing keel, we are currently mainly engaged in aluminum alloy floor keel.

At present, this installation material is a professional installation tool for aluminum alloy floors, which provides effective help when installing the keel.

What is the keel? In fact, the current products are mainly for the floor keel of the floor. Before the floor is laid, the support frame is installed on the ground to effectively play the role of waterproof and moisture proof.

We all know that the main material of the floor is wood, and the most feared thing about wood is moisture, and the previous floor laying was directly contacted with cement and the ground. This way, the laid floor is easy to be affected when the moisture is still wet, which greatly reduces The use effect of the floor is shortened, and the service life of the floor is shortened.

With the addition of floor keels, isolating the floor from the ground increases the service life of the floor, which is a very effective way.