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Floor keel metal buckle

Floor keel metal buckle

Product Details

If you mention the floor keel, how much do you know about this building material? If you have seen the decoration of your home, you may have a more comprehensive understanding of this material. This material is currently the main building material for home floor decoration and can be used in conjunction with the floor.

At present, this kind of keel is to support private custom floor keels. The main material is aluminum alloy material, which can support repeated disassembly and assembly of floor keels. We can see from its use parts.

As far as the metal buckle of this accessory is concerned, this aluminum alloy keel is not like the previous wood keel. It is directly nailed together. This installation method is proposed for the second use of the keel. challenge.

At present, aluminum alloy keels are installed with special small parts, so this kind of keel can support secondary recycling and is in line with the concept of green development, while avoiding waste of resources.

The emergence of this new material floor keel has proposed a new development direction for sustainable development, and has been widely developed.