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Floor keel regulating and balancing device

Floor keel regulating and balancing device

Product Details

At present, this utility model floor keel is made of aluminum alloy, which is suitable for floor laying, and this device for adjusting the balance of the keel is suitable for the installation of this floor keel.

We all know that because the floor is laid directly on the ground, the floor will be damp, which will cause the floor to be damp, which will affect the service life of the floor, and the keel can be used to adjust the height difference, which effectively avoids the unevenness of the floor, which makes the floor difficult. The status quo of laying.

At the same time, the floor keel is adopted, which makes the construction of the floor laid more convenient, and in the process of use, the feet feel comfortable, so-called two-way.

In fact, the appearance of the floor keel is not accidental. Its appearance solves the shortcomings of the direct laying of many floors. In the era of continuous development, it is a representative of progress. In the current development status of pursuing a higher quality of life, the appearance of this material has improved the comfort of people's lives and meets the requirements of current development.