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Metal buckle

Metal buckle

Product Details

At present, this metal buckle is used with durable aluminum alloy floor keel. Let's understand the floor keel together.

In the previous floor laying, the floor and the ground were generally in direct contact, but after long-term use, people began to find the disadvantages of this laying method, especially in wet weather, the ground is easy to return to the ground, the ground The dampness directly affects the service life of the floor, but the investment cost of the floor is high. If the way of laying is wrong, the floor needs to be replaced in a short period of time. This is obviously a very wasteful behavior. Today, sustainable development is advocated Times, this does not meet the development requirements of the times.

So the floor keel appeared. This kind of construction material that made the middle between the floor and the ground. At first, wood was used, but wood is also easily corroded, so a strong and corrosion-resistant material is needed. At this time, aluminum The keel of alloy material has appeared, and its appearance has solved the current situation that wood is easily corroded. This material is not only resistant to corrosion but also extremely strong, which meets the requirements of consumers.