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Adjusting balance device

Adjusting balance device

Product Details

Our aluminum alloy keel is a patented floor keel. The difference between our keel and the previous wood keel has been discarded. The old wood keel is easy to be corroded.

Floor keel is usually a material used to support modeling and fixing structure. Why don't we just lay the floor on the ground? In fact, there are many factors involved.

First of all, the ground is moist, which is easy to cause corrosion to the floor and affect the service life of the floor. So why do some home decoration in the north also use floor keel decoration?

Because the weather in the north is cold, many families will choose floor heating to spend the severe winter. However, the floor heating needs to be installed under the floor. The floor heating temperature is very high, and it is always on. How to ensure long-term high temperature Does the floor heating contact the floor without damaging the floor?

At this time, it will be considered to erect the floor keel between the floor heating and the floor to isolate the floor heating and the floor, and effectively guarantee the service life of the floor.