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Aluminum alloy floor keel

Aluminum alloy floor keel

Product Details

Our aluminum alloy floor keel is a material used to support the shape and fixed structure. The keel is the skeleton and base material for home decoration, and it is very commonly used. The most common are ceiling keels and wooden floor keels.

Its main purpose is: generally used for building houses or other times as the base of the floor, to make some supporting frames on the ground. The materials of these supporting frames are generally wooden bars, which is what we commonly call the earth keel. General uses are indispensable building materials for floor heating, floors, and floors. Fitting our aluminum alloy floor keel also has the following uses:

1. Level the ground: The most important thing for playing the keel is to level the ground, because the ground of the cement is not very flat. If there is no leveling,

2. Moisture resistance: In order to prevent moisture, the service life of the floor can be extended

3. Easy to install: Because now we use floor nails, nail the floor to the nine-ply board above the keel

4. Noise reduction: The fourth is to reduce dryness. When people walk on it, they will feel much gentler and feel no noise.

The above is a brief introduction to our aluminum alloy floor keel, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, please contact me.