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Aluminum floor keel

Aluminum floor keel

Product Details

At present, this pressure-resistant floor keel belongs to the metal floor keel. The floor keel is mainly used before the laying of the floor as a building material that acts as a support frame. Its appearance effectively isolates the ground and the floor and avoids the contact between the floor and the floor. , The phenomenon of dampness occurs.

In fact, in the computer room, we can find that the floor of the computer room is empty, and how can we keep the floor empty, but it still does not affect its use effect? So many computers have a certain weight, especially when the students in the computer room come to class, can the floor withstand such a large pressure?

Facts have proved that it is fully capable. The floor keel made of aluminum alloy is used under this kind of floor. This kind of keel has a certain compressive strength and the strength is similar to that of steel, so you don’t have to worry about the heavy objects on the floor. Heavy, causing the floor to collapse.

The floor keel of this material can withstand huge pressure, and can ensure safe use and quality.