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Metal floor keel

Metal floor keel

Product Details

The material of the floor keel is generally wood, but with the development of the times, floor keels of other materials have begun to appear. This material is aluminum alloy. The keel of this material effectively avoids the disadvantages of wood keel and easy to be corroded. It has become the main material of the floor keel.

The main purpose of the floor keel is generally to build a house or other times as the base layer of the floor, and make some supporting frames on the ground. The materials of these supporting frames are generally wooden bars, which is what we commonly call the earth keel. At present, it is gradually replaced by aluminum alloy floor keel. The general purpose of this floor keel is to do indispensable building materials for floor heating, floor and floor.

Its appearance solves the problem that the ground is easy to return moisture, plays a role of waterproof and moisture proof, and at the same time can use the keel to adjust the height difference during construction, which is convenient for construction, because the wooden board is lifted, the foot feels comfortable.

The appearance of the floor keel has set an example for improving the quality of life at home, which also means that the times have been improving.